"Representing Companies
to Amazon.com®"




KS Specialties
Increasing your Sales and Profits.

There are many methods you can employ to increase your sales, but none more effective than putting your products into a world-wide grocery store.  

Amazon's impact on the screens of millions of computers means that you now have the opportunity to market your products to the widest consumer base in the world.  With the help of K.S. Specialties, you can reach millions of new customers every day.  We can can help you achieve your goals through:

  • Understanding Amazon's Automated Ordering System
  • Coordinating Promotions
  • Establish clear communications with Amazon Buyers
  • Monitoring Amazon's Automated Ordering System
    • Manual Reviews
    • Advising Amazon on Manual Overrides
    • Stock Level Monitoring
  • Product Search Optimization
  • Using the Amazon Associates Program
  • Marketing Campaigns

K.S. Specialties is a food broker with only one distribution client- Amazon.com/Grocery.  With years of experience working with the worlds largest store, we have the ability to provide our manufacturers with clear communications with Amazon buyers, timely advice, and effective representation of your products.

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