"Representing Companies
to Amazon.com®"




KS Specialties
Promoting your Brands with KS Specialties, Inc.

You've worked hard to understand your market and create exciting new products.  Now is the time to put our marketing skills to work for you, and get your brand nationwide exposure at Amazon.com/Grocery.

We work with you and Amazon to:

  • Understand How Amazon Promotions Work
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Optimize Product Reviews
  • Provide Stock Level Monitoring
  • Product Search Optimization
  • Advise & Create Hidden Search Terms and Bullet Points
  • Sales Promotions
    • Keep You Informed of Unique Opportunities
    • Benchmark Performance
  • Advising on Google Ad-Words, Banners and Blogs
  • Permissions-based marketing campaigns
  • Multimedia Promotions

K.S. Specialties is a food broker with only one distribution client- Amazon.com/Grocery.  With years of experience working with the worlds largest store, we have the ability to provide our manufacturers with clear communications with Amazon buyers, timely advice, and effective representation of your products.

Markting your Brands